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Cameroonian Women in the Informal Petrol Trade: The Case of Bamenda City Council Area, 1980-2017

Posted on 2021-10-31 13:23:13 / by Reymond Njingti Budi


Women in the Bamenda Grassland have always been involved in different aspects of economic activities notably agriculture, local industry, and trade to sustain their households. Time and circumstances inevitably presented situations compelling them to take economic responsibility by complimenting men’s efforts and supplementing family income. This study examines women’s involvement in informal trade activities, particularly the petrol (commonly known as fingue or zoa-zoa) trade in Bamenda City. The article draws attention not only to the circumstances and contexts of women’s involvement in the informal petrol trade but also to the cutting-edge role they played in the business. The study makes use of written, oral as well as online sources to sustain it thesis.

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Reymond Njingti Budi
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I am Budi, Reymond Njingti. I hold a PhD in Political History and International Affairs from The University of Bamenda, Cameroon. I am passionate about research and my research interest border on Identity, Integration and Disintegration issues plus Political Dynamics. I have a nascent but bumper professional credential dating back to 2016. I am also the Manager of the African Online and Publications Library (AOPL).

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