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About Us

About Us

The greatest challenge facing African researchers is the lack of ownership and high cost of publication due to the small number of online libraries, publishing houses, and research centres, resulting in limited access to research materials. Driven by this fact, Africa Online & Publications Library is built on the premise to increase visibility, accessibility and usage of research material for researchers across Africa. We offer a reliable platform for African higher educational institutions, and researchers to publish research works and connect with each other through our interactive community page. Our objective is not only to preserve knowledge but serve as a motivation for African researchers to have their works disseminated across the globe.

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What do we do ?


We offer universities, students and researchers a platform to deposit their research products like long essays, theses, dissertations, internship reports etc. for easy accessibility to research enthusiasts.

Research Consultancy

The slow pace of knowledge production in Africa is partly because of issues like the limited or lack of affordable research consultancy and orientation. As such, AOPL is built to provide discounted research consultancy to boost the interest and encourage the production of high-quality research.

Journal publications

We provide low-cost, open access publishing service for articles ranging from original research, reviews, special reports, opinion and analyses to brief communications. Our goal is to provide the service at a price that is affordable to the average African researcher.

Educational resources

We offer a platform for our users to host lectures, buy and sell educational material like handouts, workbooks and books. This enables researchers to be able to earn from using the platform.

A Peer-2-Peer Review

AOPL is a peer-to-peer platform where we constantly improve published materials to give you access to the most accurate knowledge.

Our Vision

We strive to place Africa at the top of intellectual contribution by preserving and giving students, lecturers and researchers access to scholarly material and a publication platform for academic and personal development.

Our Mission

  • We exist to enhance innovative research and accessibility in Africa through the provision of an online library, publications platform and research assistance.