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Africa Online & Publications Library

We are a social enterprise providing access to scholarly research for students and lecturers in universities, professional schools and vocational colleges across Africa. We pride ourselves in publishing and disseminating scholarly research digitally as part of the drive to preserve knowledge easily retrieved from anywhere on the continent.

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Why we exist?

With opportunities for future and further studies, the need for an online library that both archives and publishes scholarly research produced in Africa is critical. Africa Online & Publications Library (AOPL) is born out of this desire. At AOPL, we enhance homogeneous access to knowledge, promote academic research and its cascading effects on development across the continent..

AOPL Community

Become part of our ever growing community of publishers, reviewers, authors to benefit from free access to published materials.

A Peer-2-Peer Review

AOPL is a peer-to-peer platform where we constantly improve published materials to give you access to the most accurate knowledge.

Our Vision

We envision an African continent where the average student or lecturer can access and publish scholarly research without regard to their economic position or geographical location. Our goal is to enhance personal growth and put Africa back in the limelight as far as contributing to knowledge development is concerned.

Our Mission

We plan to do the following :
  • Run AOPL as an online library, research and publications centre serving the needs of students, lecturers and universities across Africa.
  • Assist African universities and other higher learning institutions in publishing research works of students and lecturers.
  • Connect, promote networking and research collaboration amongst students and lecturers in Africa by allowing them to interact on our online community platform based on their academic preferences and areas of specialisation.