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09 Nov
Amanda Ellen Nicola Jojo

Africa Online & Publication Library function as a database that facilitates research and publishing. Our database has an advanced search function which is highly detailed thus, allowing one to precisely find the research they are looking for.

We have our AOPL community that additionally facilitates open and public communication between academics and allowing exchange of ideas judged on their merit regardless of which part of the world they are from.

Do you want to be part of the community that is on a drive to accelerate literacy at the same time preserving knowledge? It's simple follow the steps below:

Submit books, articles, reports, reviews etc by simply creating an account on our website:


1. Sign up https://www.africaopl.org/register OR sign in with Google or LinkedIn https://www.africaopl.org/login

2. Update your profile https://www.africaopl.org/account/profile

3. Connect with other AOPLIANS


4. Submit the works you have authored https://www.africaopl.org/dashboard#/

5. Have the works checked for suitability on our website.

6. Have the worked deposited on our repository https://www.africaopl.org/publications

7. Choose whether you want the works downloadable or not. You can put it on preview or decided only to show the abstract, summary or excerpt to visitors. If the find interest in your work, they can contact you on how to go about obtaining a copy.

Happy Tuesday