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Breaking traditional barriers to knowledge access for inclusiveness

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23 Sep
Amanda Ellen Nicola Jojo
Today is World sign language day and it is celebrated under the theme, "We sign for Human rights." One of the fundamental human rights is access to knowledge and that resonates with our motto; “Knowledge needs freedom.” Because AOPL is a digital database, our portal is a supportive environment for those that use sign language and it provides equal opportunities regarding their inclusion. Our functionality is anchored on the use of ICTs this will be an advantage to people who use sign language because they will overcome barriers that exist in traditional library systems. 1.Sign up with us at https://www.africaopl.org/register OR sign in with Google or LinkedIn https://www.africaopl.org/login 2. Update your profile https://www.africaopl.org/account/profile 3. Connect with other AOPLIANS at https://www.africaopl.org/community Together, we can do more than improving literacy rate across Africa.