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Harnessing the digital age for a healthy reading culture

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09 Sep
Amanda Ellen Nicola Jojo

The internet has altered every aspect of the way we live and it has increased accessibility to reading material. 


Africa Online & Publications Library is there to harness the digital age by promoting reading culture, thus, fostering a community of people with similar interests.


We provide access to knowledge, because we believe that knowledge is essential to humans and one way of acquiring it is through reading. 


Our library, publications and networking services promote immense reading culture because we want to widen intellectual horizons.  


When one has a healthy reading culture, it exercises their comprehension and analytical abilities, stimulates the memory centers of their minds and fires up their imagination.


As such, make use of our online platform and submit your books, articles, reports, commentaries for dissemination. 


To do that, simply create an account on our website at: https://www.africaopl.org/register