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05 Feb
Ngenge Ransom Tanyu

We are seeking motivated and visionary people who share AOPL's mission to represent the library, research, and publishing centre at the national level in each African country.


AOPL provides access to academic publications, disseminates, and popularises the academic works of African researchers as part of a wider endeavour to conserve information digitally and make it available to anybody on the continent. We think that freedom of information is a basic human right and democratic principle. Thus, our objective is to advocate for and extend equitable access to information, thus supporting academic research and the cascading impacts of academic research on African development.


Apart from a passion for research and library science with an emphasis on Africa, ideal applicants should satisfy the following criteria:


1. A master's degree in any academic field

2. Experience in a leadership role ranging from one to three years


Relevant abilities include the following:


1. proficiency in the official language of their country

2. proficiency in English

3. diplomatic and negotiating abilities.


Among the responsibilities would be the following:


1. Oversee AOPL operations at the country level

2. Develop a strategic plan of action

3. Report to the management board of AOPL regularly