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12 Jan
Amanda Ellen Nicola Jojo

Are you carrying out research in any of the following disciplines with a focus on Africa: Demography, Area and development studies, Economics, Economic and social history, Education, Environmental planning, Human geography, Linguistics, Management and business studies, Politics and international studies, Psychology, Science and technology studies, Social anthropology, Social policy, Social work, Social statistics, methods, and computing, Socio legal studies or Sociology?


If this is the case, we invite you to submit your manuscript to the e_AOPL Journal of Social Sciences for review and publication


Create an account on our platform at https://www.africaopl.org/register, and then you may upload your manuscript using our dashboard.




Simply send it to us by email: contact@africaopl.org 


Please follow our publication guidelines: https://www.africaopl.org/publication/guidelines 


We will provide an update on the thematic areas of each of the aforementioned disciplines in our subsequent posts


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