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16 Sep
Ngenge Ransom Tanyu

We have the honour to kindly place this open invitation by requesting for your manuscripts to be submitted for consideration in one of African Online and Publications Library (eAOPL) journals. Your sterling contributions towards scholarship endeavour will be very much appreciated.

eAOPL journals are flagship scientific publications that aim at encouraging scholarship and academic development. The journals are published quarterly with coverage across all academic specialisations that includes natural and social sciences, health sciences, the humanities, applied sciences, and the arts with a focus on the African continent. Contributors are responsible for the opinions expressed within their submitted scholarly papers, and whereby those direct opinions are not those of eAOPL. You can submit your valued scholastic work to any of the following eAOPL journals:

1. eAOPL Journal of Arts and Humanities 2. eAOPL Journal of Social Sciences
3. eAOPL Journal of Natural Sciences
4. eAOPL Journal of Applied Sciences

5. eAOPL Journal of Health Sciences

eAOPL journals operate by a double-blind peer-reviewed policy. Visit our website at: https://africaopl.org/publication/guidelines for additional details on submission guidelines and other relevant information. In the meantime, you can send your manuscripts directly to the editorial team through the following email address: info@africaopl.org.

While awaiting to receive your manuscripts, Sir/Madame please do accept our utmost consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Editorial Board


Ngenge Ransom Tanyu
2 years ago