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Stepping up in enhancing literacy rate across Africa

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13 Sep
Amanda Ellen Nicola Jojo

Good morning happy new week.


As Africa Online and Publications Library, we have a potential to play a pivotal role in advancing continental literacy efforts.



Our digital way of of doing things puts us in a position to provide a wide variety of literacy opportunities.


 Literacy is crucial to economic development as well as individual and community well-being.


Since we celebrated the International Literacy Day this month, we are pushing to spread cultural tendencies to read. 


1. Sign up with us at https://www.africaopl.org/register OR sign in with Google or LinkedIn https://www.africaopl.org/login


2. Update your profile https://www.africaopl.org/account/profile


3. Connect with other AOPLIANS at https://www.africaopl.org/community


Together, we can do more than improving literacy rate across Africa.