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Amanda Ellen Nicola Jojo
Amanda Ellen Nicola Jojo
Public Relations Officer

I am a Zimbabwean based media practitioner (journalist).

I love the shape of stories, sentences and creation of different words on a page.

I have a passion of disseminating news of the day in the interest of socio-economic privilege.

I am part of the Pan African Business Women's Association media fellowship on the reportage of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) information.

I am also part of the recent graduate fellows of African Women in Media and FOJO Media fellowship for gender and digital reporting program. I am a social media volunteer at Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development Africa, thus the skills I am garnering are shaping me to become part of the movement that have a zeal to shift from stereotypical gloomy narratives about Africa.

In the view of the fact that am still new in the media arena, I have a yearning and zest to write so as to communicate with the hearts and minds of the readers.