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Age and Parliamentary Politics within the Opposition and Ruling Parties in Cameroon’s North West Region, 1992-2013: Interrogating the Bases for Youth Marginalization

Posted on 2021-10-31 13:30:49 / by Reymond Njingti Budi


The recent years has witnessed a general decline in youth participation in politics all over the world. While some scholars blame the phenomenon on youth’s cynical attitude towards politics, others have maintained that youths are interested in politics but party regulations and constitutions have been unfriendly to their involvement. From this basic premise, this paper maintains that the North West Cameroonian youth is both politically savvy and interested in parliamentary discourse. However discriminatory investiture mechanisms and constitutional bases have conspired to frustrate youths’ desire to engage parliamentary politics especially within the Social Democratic Front (SDF) and the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) parties. Through a study of the Parliamentary Lists of these parties in the North West Region (NWR) from 1992 to 2013 as well as other official documents, the paper argues that there has been a repeated cycle of particular names being invested by these parties while the new entrants particularly the youths are left in oblivion with attendant repercussions. The paper thus calls for the need by these parties to create fora for generational integration in Cameroon’s parliament.

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I am Budi, Reymond Njingti. I hold a PhD in Political History and International Affairs from The University of Bamenda, Cameroon. I am passionate about research and my research interest border on Identity, Integration and Disintegration issues plus Political Dynamics. I have a nascent but bumper professional credential dating back to 2016. I am also the Manager of the African Online and Publications Library (AOPL).

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