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Posted on 2021-10-31 13:50:29 / by Budi Reymond Njingti, Ph.D.


The British administrative policy in Africa and Cameroon in particular was generally guided by selfish political, economic and social motives. This informed their decision to administer the British portion of Cameroon as an integral part of the Nigerian colony. This act was to completely change the course of History of the Southern Cameroons territory from 1922 to 1961. From this basic premise, this paper argues that the administration of British Southern Cameroons as an integral part of the British Nigerian Colony exposed the territory to the reality of political domination. This resulted from the various constitutional changes that occurred and the fact that most of the administrators in British Southern Cameroons as well as Nigeria were mostly Nigerians to the almost total neglect of the Southern Cameroonians. As such, Southern Cameroonians formed political pressure groups, parties and wrote petitions to the British Government as well as the United Nations to complain about attempts to dominate them politically within Nigeria. As a cutting-edge measure, the Southern Cameroonians took advantage of the 1961 plebiscite to vote massively against integration within Nigeria. This was not only because they were charmed by Foncha’s campaigns, but it was also in reaction and the wish to put an end to political domination within Nigeria.

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