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The greatest challenge facing African researchers is the lack of ownership and high cost of publication due to the small number of online libraries, publishing houses, and research centres, resulting in limited access to research materials. Driven by this fact, Africa Online & Publications Library is built on the premise to increase visibility, accessibility and usage of research material for researchers across Africa.

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We strive to place Africa at the top of intellectual contribution by preserving and giving students, lecturers and researchers access to scholarly material and a publication platform for academic and personal development..

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We exist to enhance innovative research and accessibility in Africa through the provision of an online library, publications platform and research assistance.

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French_European-African Relations

Keywords  France, Africa, diplomatic relations, foreign policy, terrorism, governance, security  Focal

Vaccine Commodification and Ramifications for Countries in the Global South

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed inequalities between countries in the Global North and those

Challenges due to COVID-19 in Cameroon in "Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social, cultural, economic and political aspects"

Cameroon’s political, economic and social landscapes have been fundamentally altered by the emerging

Accountability and Perception of Effectiveness in Public Universities in Cameroon: Case of the University of Buea 

This research study provides an understanding of accountability and the perception of its effectiveness

Education in Africa: What Are We Learning?

Countries across Africa continue to face major challenges in education. In this review, we examine 145

Human security in conflict-affected regions: coping capacity of women and children in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon

This paper examines human security, and women and children’s coping capacities in armed conflict

Assessing the impact of armed conflict on higher education in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions

Armed conflict is undoubtedly humanity’s most devastating phenomenon. It halts development

The untold story of early marriages in South Sudan

This sobby paper discusses the issue of early marriages in South Sudan, with the Toposa of the

Renewable energy transition for building resilience to energy poverty in Sub Saharan Africa: policy roadblocks on the way

Energy access in Africa is not only at individual or household levels but has gone beyond national, regional

Cameroon’s government and citizenry at odds over a 0.2% mobile money tax

Following a new government legislation, Cameroonians started paying a 0.2% tax on mobile money

Mediating post-election violence: The need to revisit and rethink media policies and regulations in Zimbabwe

Research and observations have demonstrated that the media environment in Zimbabwe is controlled by a

Endangered Indigenous Archives in Mbum Land of Cameroon: Which Way Forward?

In traditional African societies where there was no formal way of documentation, history was stored

Nuptial Customs and Royal Celebrations in Mbum Land, North West Region of Cameroon

Majority of ethnic groups in Bamenda Grasslands like the Mbum established and sustained diplomatic


The Mbum constitute one of the largest Tikar ethnic groups in Bamenda Grasslands but remain separated

Webinar on “What you need to know before publishing”, organised by Africa Online & Publications Library

This report is based on an October 23rd, 2021, webinar–what you need to know before publishing–organised

Caught between scylla and charybdis? assessing the practice of journalism in Bamenda-Cameroon during the anglophone crisis, 2016-2019

A casual observation of journalistic practices around the world reveals deep-seated abuses on journalists