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The greatest challenge facing African researchers is the lack of ownership and high cost of publication due to the small number of online libraries, publishing houses, and research centres, resulting in limited access to research materials. Driven by this fact, Africa Online & Publications Library is built on the premise to increase visibility, accessibility and usage of research material for researchers across Africa.

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We strive to place Africa at the top of intellectual contribution by preserving and giving students, lecturers and researchers access to scholarly material and a publication platform for academic and personal development..

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We exist to enhance innovative research and accessibility in Africa through the provision of an online library, publications platform and research assistance.

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Congregationalism and Multiplicative Church Planting within the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC), 1946-2018: Focus on the Bamenda Urbanity

The Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) distinguishes itself not only as the pioneering evangelistic

The Anglophone Question in Cameroon: Historical Context and Evolution from “Everyday” Resistance to Armed Conflict, 1961-2017

Since 2017, English-speaking regions of Cameroon have witnessed armed conflict in its towns and villages

Colonialism, Ethnic Disintegration and Clan-Based Politics, among the Mbum of the Bamenda Grasslands-Cameroon, 1916-1961

This paper argues that colonialism bred the phenomenon of ethnic disintegration among the Mbum leading

Identity and Resistance in Nigeria's Southern Cameroons, 1922-1961

The Book interrogates the bases of the shared identity between the two distinct peoples of the grasslands